January giveaway that I joined

3:08 AM

nyaaaahhh!! back to giveawaylah yaaa lumayan gratisan!!

1. Black Blue Blizzard by Leonita Nerisa. To join >>CLICK<< Closed at 20 January 2013.

2. UTOTIA & Wishtrend Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<. Closed at 25 January 2013.

3. Beauty Chicas Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<.

4. Paigey Pumpkin 100th Followers Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<. Closed at 18 Jan 2013.

5. Sparkle Apple ft LoveShopping Holics Eyelense GIveaway. To join >>CLICK<< Closed at 19 January 2013.

6. Lala's Wonderland Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<

7. Mariani1314 Giveaway. To Join >>CLICK<<. Closed at 18 Januari 2013.

8. Corralista Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<

10. Christen Iversen Giveaway. To join >>CLICK<<

gonna update this post again and again~~

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  1. Haii dear, thanks for leaving a comment on my page...=)
    so glad you liked it..
    anyway, my eyes are like that dari duluuu..hehhe..nothing wrong...=) i am just a skinny girl..haha..
    i am your new follower...=)


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